Where to Get a List of Boat Auctions Liquidating Bank Repo Boats

It’s not uncommon for boaters in the current times of recession to let their boats go into default. They decide whether to keep their home, car or boat. After a bank repossession, the bank will auction boats that have been collected as collateral in return for the loan. In most cases the lender accepts the highest bid as time continues to depreciate their collateral. Boat auctions have seen a significant increase in inventory since 2007 and can be a great alternative to a traditional dealership purchase.

You can get a list of boat auctions from banks and financiers who may hold auctions which can be your best bet. The bank will wish to get rid of the boat as early as possible to regain the amount lost and to avoid maintenance cost on the boat. Often, these boats can be purchased at a surprising discount and you can get a discount of even as much as 50%. Less frequently, you can also buy boats in police auctions. You can check the listings of boats online and know what is available. You will have to think of transport costs if you live over seas as it is going to be a significant move.

You will also need to check the boat properly before purchase to identify possible damage, oil spills and stains etc. You have to be extra cautious because auctioned boats are mostly sold in “as is” condition. You must also check the condition of the engine because fixing repair costs for engine work can be substantial. You can check sources where repo boats are available if you wish to buy one but are not confident about arranging for initial finance! Many investors buy boats at 40%-70% discounts at local or regional boat auctions then ‘flip’ or resell them to people who can afford it.

You can get fabulous discounts on bank repo boats and benefit from such deals. These vessels were in the beginning well maintained by people who cared for their boat. Wear and tear on repo boats may be substantial or not. It largely depends on the age and how the owner maintained the boat during the default period. So, the repair work on such boats may or may not be expensive. In some cases it may just require a coat of painting, if any. Responsible owners even in default will maintain such boats surprisingly well for safety and insurance reasons.

Those who repossess boats such as finance companies and banks wish to liquidate their collateral quickly because these are basically non-performing assets on their books. They realize they cannot get a very high price for the boats especially in regards to the current economic condition. Hence they wish to dispose the boats as quickly as possible.

In the end you will do well to research before buying a repo boat for personal use or from the viewpoint of investment. You can also find several auction sites that enlist boats for sale throughout USA and Canada.

Two Easy Means to Get Insurance Leads Free

Before you set up a good referral system that can successfully make free insurance leads you must first undergo the basics of the insurance and lead generation business. And if you are after with a technique to get leads then you are in the right place. Now you don’t need to purchase those leads from online insurance leads providers, which you know full well is a practice in futility for the most part. In fact, it is both annoying and time wasting.

So, what’s the next step? Fortunately, getting leads for free is not that complicated. Of course, you must first decide on generating your own insurance leads. And it is not either acquired in the hard way or the cold call way or even purchasing them online. Instead, you can use these two easy means to get free leads.

A lot of people witness online marketers generating millions of dollars and then with anger, disdain, or distrust criticize them for their success. What they don’t understand and what you are just going to find out that will help you acquire more leads, is that partnering is the real secret to success both online and in the ‘real’ world.

Try to visualize a company with ten thousand customers buying their shoes. Ask yourself, if how much more income would they generate if they coupled with another company that sold belts, bags and accessories. Perhaps, it may be another 20 – 30%. Try to partner with three to four companies and you will automatically be doubling your business. That’s exactly how to acquire more insurance leads! You will be stumbling on some best partners, cross sell to their lists and vice versa and even getting top qualified leads for free.

The other quick and affordable means to get leads is to work with organizations and associations. You might read it overwhelming, but actually, it’s not! This may sound overwhelming, but it’s not. In fact, it’s simply a relationship game.

The only thing you must do is to recognize some of the associations and organizations in your area and go meet the head. Befriend the staff, attend their meetings, support an event, and you’re totally in.

The same with marketing or advertising, insurance leads are techniques or methods followed by different insurance providers. Making insurance leads and following it in a logical way are good manners to handle the ever increasing cut throat rivalry in the insurance industry. That’s it! You need not spend a fortune marketing or advertising! Just join in the association and before you know it, referral quality leads will be next on your way and you may get a chance to get insurance leads free!

Simple Tips About When to Get Insured

If you’re considering buying insurance, then there are some steps that can help you find the right plan for you. The first thing you should do is a bit of scouting around – find the different companies that offer life insurance and sort through them. It’s best to narrow down the list to those companies who have a reputation of being financially stable and solid. Check out which kinds of plans each life insurance company offers and what the plans are best suited for. For example, you might like the idea of child plans, where you can pay until you are able, and at your demise the company pays the premiums in the interim. This allows your child to derive the benefit of your insurance – which could be in your name or in your child’s name as well. Dig in to the options you have and sort through different kinds of insurance like – savings plans, pension plans and so on.

You could get a plan for your entire family as a group or yourself as an individual too – options you should consider at length so that you end up making the most of your money. Once you’re sure about what you want – decide on how long you want it to be. You generally have the choice of picking either a term policy, which ends at a specific period, or you could choose a life term – where it is applicable till your death. While you’re looking at this – also look at how you’d like to pay for your premium. You should generally have the option of paying each month, paying twice in a year, or paying the premium annually to choose from. Pick a form that best suits your needs. If you’re hoping to pay for something like retirement plans, and you would rather fore-go expenditure each month; then pick an annual method of payment. This means that you only need to pay once a year but in a larger sum, rather than in bits and pieces each month.

Look at whether you would be better off with life insurance plans that are traditional, or would you prefer something like unit linked investment plans (ULIPS). These allow you to both set aside an amount as investment and another part of the premium as a saving for your insurance. There are different plans and each one has its own pros and cons; make sure that you ask a life insurance agent to guide you through the process and clarify your doubts. When you’re looking through protection plans, make sure that you look at life insurance policies in a way that would most fulfil your specific needs.

Want to Know How to Get Insurance Leads? Do You Have Any Idea of Where to Start?

Most agents in the insurance game feel your pain as they also have problems trying and looking for ways on how to get insurance leads. Although you seem to have a problem landing yourself some business, there is hope for you still. Why? Well, you are in a business that has a never ending list of potential customers that require some sort of help from an insurance agent.

This agent can be you if you get up out of that chair and start taking your job seriously. If you think you are taking your job seriously, then why are you reading an article on how to get insurance leads? My best guess is you are hurting for work. Or, you are new to the business and want to show the new boss you are successful, like you said in your interview. Anyways, back to the real reason you need help.

Searching online for help on leads can be very dangerous. Watch out! There are many people that have set up videos and ads that are designed to lure you into buying a product or service that will not help you. Don’t get me wrong, there is many great and honest businesses online. However, there are also some very shady business practices that take place on the web as well. Be cautious. That is all.

If you are wondering how to get insurance leads that will make you money, then you have to start thinking about outsourcing your work. What do I mean? I mean, you need to start buying insurance leads. This is a proven technique that works and works well. If you buy leads, you save time. If you buy leads, you will be have a better chance at selling your products. Question. Is it harder to sell to someone who was just looking at buying insurance? Or, is it harder to sell insurance to someone who does not need it, and never will?