Can I Get Insured to Drive Overseas?

Travelling abroad should be a fun affair, especially if you are planning on going a vacation. Whether it is your first or fifth time going abroad, the process of knowing whether you can get insured to drive overseas is possible or not is always a hassle.

Buying travel insurance while travelling overseas is always a good idea. The problem that most people seem to face is when looking for overseas insurance; all they are able to find is health coverage. Driving a car overseas will obviously require a driver’s license that is accepted universally, and may require car insurance as well depending on the local laws of the state and country you are headed to.

Coming from the United States, it is very common that most rental car services will honor your valid driver’s license because of the standards following in North America. All countries do not have this facility and should be confirmed with the respective authorities beforehand. All that is required after the driver’s license is to have an international driving permit, also known as an IDP.

Some countries do not have the necessity of having car insurance, but according to experts, it is certainly beneficial for you in the end.

Credit Card Companies:

Contacting your credit card company is recommended as they usually have offers readily available for those people who wish to drive overseas. Check out their policy and see if you qualify for their insurance for driving abroad. Obviously there will be differences among-st the credit card companies, so choose that one which meets your requirements.

Travel Insurance:

When purchasing travel insurance, find out from the provider whether a clause can be added relating to driving overseas. Most providers, if they do not offer the service themselves, will be able to guide you to other providers that may specifically deal in this sort of work.

Car Rental:

It is crucial that the car that is being rented out overseas be from a major rental car agency. There are a number of companies now that have opened up for business throughout the world and accept North American driver’s licences with ease. Not only are major car rentals better priced and offer a wider range of cars to drive, they are most likely to offer better services and wider coverage in the end as well. Temporary insurance may also be available from the car rental agency, this will obviously depend on the extent of time for which you rent out the car.

Friends and Family:

In most cases, people who are travelling overseas are doing so to visit friends or family members. Getting in touch with them before actually heading out there on what the specific requirements are, is the best way to get the most well-rounded information. It is important to remember that all necessary details should be shared in this regard.


Any international driving permit can be bought by anyone holding a valid U.S. driver’s license. There is a list of specific countries that accept them, so go ahead and find out before you head out with one.