If Your Car is on This List, Consider Getting Insurance Immediately!

Some cars are more attractive than other, some cars are more valuable than others, and some cars are easier to steal than others. Those are the top three factors that make cars attractive to thieves’ eyes. In this article, I’ve listed the latest and the top 8 most stolen cars today.

The first one on the list is the Honda Accord with an average of 55,000 units stolen per year. The second is Honda Civic with 48,000 units reported to be stolen. The third is the Toyota Camry with 26,000 units car napped per year.

Fourth on the list is the Ford F-150 pickup with 17,500 units stolen per year. The fifth is Dodge Ram with an approximate of 17,500 units stolen per year. The sixth one is the Dodge Caravan with 15,600 units stolen on the average per year. The seventh with 14,500 units reported missing is the Jeep Cherokee. Last but not the least is the Acura Integra with an average of 12,100 units car napped per year.

You might be wondering why some cars on the list are more targeted than other even if they do not cost as much as the more expensive cars. First is the number of the same type of cars on the road. If the car is seldom seen on the road, there is very little chance that it can be car napped. Also, car-nappers don’t usually target the rare cars because that will make their cars stand out if they were to drive it down the road. The last thing that they’d like to have is unwanted attention. So, to blend in pretty well, they usually go for the most common type of cars.